Since I’m now a freelancer, I’ve been quarantining in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Photo by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

My Journey from Physical Therapy to Engineering

You may be curious as to why a physical therapist, massage therapist, and strength coach is also an SEO & web performance expert.

Having spent the last decade in sports medicine, including several years as a full-time physical therapist (and Airbnb SuperHost who got over 500 reviews in 3 years)…

Actual snapshot of the author looking at his VS Code settings (JK! — Photo by bruce mars on Unsplash)

How long is your VS Code settings.json file? Be honest.

Mine is currently 109 lines, and that got me thinking — which of these settings do I actually use?

And which settings would I recommend to other senior developers?

If you aren’t sure whether you’re ready for advanced tips, let…

Photo by Alp Duran on Unsplash

Have you ever run into a need to sort a JavaScript object by its property names or keys? It’s not the least bit obvious how to do so.

While arrays have a handy .sort() feature, which can be used to sort JavaScript arrays numerically, there’s no such thing for objects.

Photo by Alina Grubnyak on Unsplash

One of the first things many people learn about JavaScript’s array .sort() method (Array.prototype.sort()) is that it doesn’t work right.

Well, that’s not exactly true, but it does work in a weird way. If you try to .sort() an array of numbers, they don’t seem to sort correctly:

The reason…

Photo by nour tayeh on Unsplash

If you’ve ever needed to find unique values in JavaScript, then you’ve probably reached for the handy ES6 object type, Set.

But what if you need to sort the Set? While JavaScript arrays have a built-in sort method, Array.prototype.sort(), there’s no equivalent for Set.

In other words, you can’t just…

Welcome to a brand-new perspective on stress. Photo courtesy of the author.

There’s something they never tell you about moving to paradise: it’s stressful. And this is the story of how I permanently changed my body’s response to stress, using cutting-edge research, and am now happier than ever. …

Photo by Nick Seagrave on Unsplash

Whether or not you’ve memorized a bunch of sorting algorithms for your next technical interview, you’re going to end up sorting data in JavaScript.

Sorting is inevitable, and every JavaScript developer eventually learns about the array .sort() method (Array.prototype.sort()).

Once you figure out how to sort an array numerically —…

Sheep asking why is their a horizontal scrollbar?
Screenshot of a CodePen by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳 (SVG Icon by FreePik and the Flat Icon Team,

Horizontal scrollbars are a sign of “horizontal overflow” on your sites and apps. Let’s fix it.

Here’s a CSS Riddle for You

If the visible portion of a document (its “viewport”) is 100 “vw” units wide, what’s the width of 100vw?

To put it in CSS, width: 100vw should be full-screen, equivalent to width: 100%, right?

Photo by Paul Teysen on Unsplash

Have you ever thought about how there is no correct or fixed order to use for the import statements in your JavaScript files?

Should you stick the CSS-in-JS module import at the top, or is that where your React imports go? What about internal dependencies?

I’ve been using the great…

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