Windows 10 has a built-in Sticky Notes app that is super useful if, like me, you threw away all your paper while tidying up.

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I think I took “paperless” too literally.

There’s no paper in my house, except a Halloween card from my parents, a postcard from some friends, and watercolor paper postcards for my art.

I’m sure Marie Kondo would approve, and I did work hard at the KonMari method to get here… Paper just didn’t “spark joy” in my heart.

There’s only one little problem.

I have nowhere to write anything down!


Why I Use Virtual Sticky Notes

In my case, I managed to get rid of paper because I scanned everything important into a note-taking program, Evernote.

However, Evernote is not great for disposable notes — it’s much better for reference material and scanned items. …

You’ll program faster if you try to make your code simple, even repetitive, when you first write it

Branch with orange leaves in front of lake
Branch with orange leaves in front of lake
Photo by Simon Berger on Unsplash

Programming is a lot like writing — you should start with a “bad first draft” that solves the problem, then immediately edit it two or three times before you move on to the next problem.

Engineers scoff at being compared to measly “writers” — but who wrote the documentation that you used earlier today? And don’t you “write code?”

Software developers have the luxury of working in the most creative type of engineering. After all, software engineers get to call a lot more shots when building an app than civil engineers do when building a bridge.

Working in a creative profession means that you can learn a great deal from writers whose words will never execute. And one of the best pieces of writing advice is something typically recommended to solve writer’s block. …

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Photo by the author


A dead bonsai tree

Greeted me from its clay pot

In front of the brick house


It was illuminated by the glow

Radiating through the glass door

Like an inviting sunset


Warm, orange and safe

The home contrasted with its bonsai

So gray and lifeless


This bonsai had cobwebs and debris

But its twisted trunk reminded me

Of a happier time


It had been twenty years

Since I’d visited those bonsai trees

In that foreign botanical garden


Now I recalled that rainy afternoon

Surrounded by the vibrancy and diversity

Of bonsai older than my…


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