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I wanted to share a trick I picked up a few years ago from señor Kent C. Dodds, the “Epic React” and “Testing JavaScript” guy.

Did you find that example kind of convoluted? …

Since I’m now a freelancer, I’ve been quarantining in Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Photo by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

My Journey from Physical Therapy to Engineering

You may be curious as to why a physical therapist, massage therapist, and strength coach is also an SEO & web performance expert.

Having spent the last decade in sports medicine, including several years as a full-time physical therapist (and Airbnb SuperHost who got over 500 reviews in 3 years)…


Image: LCP (2.5–4sec) vs. FID (100–300ms) vs. CLS (0.1–0.25)
All images by Philip Walton and Ilya Grigorik (CC-BY 3.0, source)

I was cussing on the toilet, again, because I’d accidentally clicked a link on my phone while reading The Ringer’s NBA coverage.

My mom would be embarrassed, I’m sure.

You see, I prefer to open links from their website in a new tab, because I don’t want to hit the…

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What is a shallow copy?

Making a shallow copy of an array or object means creating new references to the primitive values inside the object, copying them.

That means that changes to the original array will not affect the copied array, which is what would happen if only the reference to the array had been…

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In early 2018, The Guardian, a British newspaper and online publication, switched its 2.3m content items from MongoDB to PostgreSQL.

Why did they switch? What would they do differently today?

The Day the London Servers Baked

In July 2015, a massive heatwave struck London, with the unusual consequence of The Guardian switching from MongoDB to…

Welcome to a brand-new perspective on stress. Photo courtesy of the author.

There’s something they never tell you about moving to paradise: it’s stressful. And this is the story of how I permanently changed my body’s response to stress, using cutting-edge research, and am now happier than ever. …

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Whether or not you’ve memorized a bunch of sorting algorithms for your next technical interview, you’re going to end up sorting data in JavaScript.

Sorting is inevitable, and every JavaScript developer eventually learns about the array .sort() method (Array.prototype.sort()).

Once you figure out how to sort an array numerically —…

Sheep asking why is their a horizontal scrollbar?
Screenshot of a CodePen by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳 (SVG Icon by FreePik and the Flat Icon Team,

Horizontal scrollbars are a sign of “horizontal overflow” on your sites and apps. Let’s fix it.

Here’s a CSS Riddle for You

If the visible portion of a document (its “viewport”) is 100 “vw” units wide, what’s the width of 100vw?

To put it in CSS, width: 100vw should be full-screen, equivalent to width: 100%, right?

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Have you ever thought about how there is no correct or fixed order to use for the import statements in your JavaScript files?

Should you stick the CSS-in-JS module import at the top, or is that where your React imports go? What about internal dependencies?

I’ve been using the great…

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Can you spot the bug in this React .jsx code using Tailwind CSS? 🐞

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