As a DJ, I love taking requests and try to accomodate them. But when I've spent 20+ hours on a setlist for the party, it can be a bummer to get a request like "Uhh, something by Bruce Springsteen?" Especially when I put on said track, but it wasn't the song they were thinking of, and the people requesting it don't even bother to dance. Literally bad requests can kill a party.

The worst time was when someone threatened by life for a request for the Cupid Shuffle when I had just played it. I would rather have had the $10 bill!

🤓 The physical therapist who writes JavaScript 💪 Web Developer 😎 Mentor 🧠 DPT 😄 SEO Expert 😁 React 😆 Jamstack 💬 Ask me anything 👉 👈

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