C.R.E.A.M. (Curation Rules Everything Around Me)

Recent changes to the Medium Partner Program have definitely altered our earnings, some for better and worse.

Hey Jimmy Doom !! I think short fiction is a tough category for Medium. It’s sort of like multilingual (non-English) content — just really unlikely to be found.

I’ve found my earnings went down a bit, but I’ll see how I do once I start publishing again this week. I haven’t in about a month! I was working other jobs, reading a lot, and watching to see what articles are earning for me.

In my experience curation is the most important thing for Medium success. And curating fiction seems super arbitrary. Maybe if you publish enough volume something would get curated? And are you including links, images, headlines, and formatting? You’ll never get curated without that in any category.

Are you doing anything to get Medium followers? My last article was on that, but it’s as simple as mashing the Follow button 150 times a day on Medium members. Long-term it can help. I’m more looking at Medium as a 3–5 year project because of the time needed to build the audience. Some authors I follow here with big audiences claimed their earnings doubled.

I’d miss you if you left Jimmy Doom !!

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