Great article about changing careers!

I’ve talked about losing my dream job because of Covid-19, which led to me going all-in on a career switch to web development from physical therapy:

But I knew by the time I finished PT school that the degree cost way too much, all the more so for not having improved my actual clinical skills:

Then I got fired from a company after a disagreement with my manager about scheduling, so I ended up moving across the country for travel PT work, but there I experienced bullying and harassment:

Thanks for sharing your story and the great advice! Best of luck in healthcare management, and please feel free to connect on LinkedIn!

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🤓 The physical therapist who writes JavaScript 💪 Web Developer 😎 Mentor 🧠 DPT 😄 SEO Expert 😁 React 😆 Jamstack 💬 Ask me anything 👉 👈

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