Great article Thomas! I’m pursuing a career change so definitely will be mindful of especially my own desire to broadcast. I’ve found huge differences in how people respond to me at 8am — when I am guaranteed to have a flat affect, making me look angry and upset — versus 3pm when I feel my best and am always smiling. Plus, I’m highly knowledgeable and excitable, but that excitability seems to turn people off personally and professionally. I’ve been working a lot on “Listen, Think, Speak” and also reading the book on NonViolent Communication. At the end of the day a lot of the rapport building behaviors are easiest when they’re natural — when I’m actually confident, relaxed, and happy. Since I’m not those things first thing in the morning or when burned out, it comes out. I think we can all learn to perform less and trust ourselves more, but maybe I’m projecting 😅

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