Haha I applaud the people you have connected with on Tinder if they managed to go from “Hey” to INSANE spark. That’s very impressive 🤩

You are very right that open-ended questions are super useful in talking to anybody, e.g. “What was your summer vacation like?”; “What are the three most important things to see while I’m in town?”; “How do you get your hair so purple?” especially on the themes of:
* Travel
* Relationships
* Art, including photography
* Live events, such as concerts and theatre
* Books
* Fitness, especially running
* Pets
(taken from a cheatsheet, lol)

Despite the fact that I know that, I find that I have 0 rapport over talking to my female best friend over text message — though we can typically talk for hours without pausing in person or even on the phone.

The reason I ask is that most anyone I’ve found in the dating scene will only interact via text messages or in-person. So being unable to connect via text makes dating super difficult.

My ex-girlfriend (who left me after we went long distance) specifically said she didn’t like texting and would prefer phone calls, yet then would never actually take my phone calls and would just text me infrequently.

I appreciate your advice! Have a good one and keep up the great articles!

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