Haha yeah, the name “Tinder” is literally based on the name Grindr after all.

I’m super confused as to how anyone could have enough of a sexual connection over text messaging to even want to have casual sex (given that women often tell me they need to have a good chat before they’d ever consider meeting). Grindr messages are much more direct “Do you want to have sex now?” “How about later?”

Of course, I’m uniquely bad at text messaging, but very interesting to talk to in person *shrug*

Clearly people do find matches on dating apps (Tinder and OKCupid especially), and sometimes do get married. I think that generally speaking those apps are bad for mental health for straight people, because they are meant for casual sex based on superficial appearance.

And, as far as effort, I am much more likely to strike up a potential romance in a few hours at a bar or art gallery than in several hours on a dating app. I probably spent about 100 hours on Tinder and Bumble, had zero dates (but made two opposite-sex friends), and frequently would run out of people to swipe on. And I’m not bad looking or boring — it’s just a broken system.

I also frequently matched with prostitutes on Tinder specifically.

Thanks again for the nice article!

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