Hey again Necmettin,

Thanks again for sharing more of your thoughts! I agree with you totally, and you point out some great examples of the different terminology.

I do consider a directory of text files (JSON or YAML for example) to be a data persistence store. I think the clearest example would be a simple blog with a few dozen posts, where you’re not using MongoDB or DynamoDB as anything except a simple document store.

Indeed, it is of course possible that you may want a more robust database for a Jamstack site, especially a connectionless data persistence solution called from a serverless function.

I guess I see Jamstack as an alternative to MERN Stack, because Jamstack would let you use any database — even starting from plain text files. You can change the data persistence solution later easily with a Jamstack site, though of course you could do the same from any *ERN stack or PHP site.

Would you prefer if I updated the article to include database persistence options for Jamstack sites including:

  • Markup files including JSON or YAML (plain text documents)
  • Headless CMS such as forestry.io that edit Markup files without database persistence
  • Headless CMS such as Daptin with database persistence that let you choose a database backend such as MySQL, Postgres, or SQLite
  • Structured content solutions such as Sanity that use database persistence that you don’t configure yourself
  • Any other database solution via an API and serverless function, including Firebase

Again, my preference in pointing out Jamstack is that any database can be overkill for projects that could be built from YAML or JSON files. But I’m happy to include any additional information would help the reader. Thanks again!

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