Hey Ayo, I love this and have found it to be very true!

As I work this year to live my best life, TV time is naturally falling to the wayside as I fill my life with DJing and new opportunities.

And I’ve found a great way to still enjoy the occasional TV show — watching with friends who live nearby!

I’m finding that I can spend 2 hours some weeknight watching a show with a friend.

We enjoy spending time with each other while watching a show.

There is time to catch up before and after, and we can discuss the show.

I find this so much more fulfilling than watching a show by myself then desperately trying to summarize it in 2 minutes when I get together with my friends.

And, the novelty of seeing different friends and watching different shows is a lot more fun than when my ex- and I would watch a dozen hours of TV together each week.

(You’re right, sometimes you have to hit the bottom!)

Now, instead of feeling like I’m working to market Netflix shows to my friends in the few hours we would spend together, I get to enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of television as a shared experience with my friends.

During the times when noone can come over, I feel much more fulfilled DJing and working towards my goals instead of watching hours of TV.

And finally, if I do decide to watch a little TV by myself, I am sure to do so in Spanish, so I’m still working towards my goals.

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