Hey Emmanuelle, you are very welcome! I have actually been thinking of your article a lot the last few days, because I have been realizing how a fixed mindset has been limiting my life. For example, with any type of self-criticism or feelings of failure, I can choose a growth mindset (“I learned _” instead of “I’m a failure”).

In my case, I really always had a fixed mindset as a child and adult, for the usual reason — people always told me I was “so smart” so I would do anything to maintain that reputation. Thankfully I was actually very intelligent so I could get away with it, but my mood & confidence always suffered from the fixed mindset. I was always naturally pessimistic, because I didn’t believe things could change!

May I suggest another article along the lines of “How to become an optimist by creating a growth mindset?” :-)

There’s a lot of good stuff out there about the subject, but I think you would do a better job:

Best wishes from the US!

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