Hey Necmettin!

Thanks so much for reading and responding. I believe Jamstack would be a great idea for a lot of greenfield projects, because you can always increase your database complexity later. Or, you could outsource your database completely (using Firebase, for example).

Indeed, don’t tools like Gatsby, Next.js, and Nuxt.js make Jamstack sites dynamic, even though they use server-side rendering?

Here’s why I think Jamstack could be a good option: Let’s say you build a Jamstack site that has some dynamic feature (like comments) using a GraphQL / Apollo API. Does the database particularly matter — it could be MongoDB, but it could be a lot of other options? Let’s say you built said site using Sanity.io to handle the content — that’s a Jamstack alternative to MongoDB.

I did update the article to point out more problems with DynamoDB.

Have a great day!

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