Hey Salitha! Thanks so much for taking the time to read and respond. I felt like it was an important story to share.

I know understand that related to my depression was the fact that my wife had lost admiration for me. Not being able to manage my depression was part of it, though it was a broader aspect of us both having perfectionist standards for each other.

Even though she had lost admiration, when I at least treated her nice, she’d suffer through the relationship, but when she felt I stopped treating her well then she was ready to move on.

Here’s a good article about it “Fondness and Admiration: The Key Ingredients To Making Marriage Last” by The Good Men Project https://link.medium.com/dCuGvVcOS9

For me personally, my depression was other learning disabilities (ADHD and ASD) that weren’t treated, causing repeated failure in career and social interactions.

Would you be interested if I wrote more about how I am overcoming those conditions? I’m never quite sure if people are interested ☺️

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