I couldn’t disagree more with this article. A “good enough” phone, laptop, or car is the difference between saving for retirement and working into your 70s.

When I had “good health insurance” I was paying $500/mo and my employer was paying $250/mo. That’s $9,000 a year, and I still had a $2000 deductible, meaning I’d have to spend $11,000 out of pocket to see a benefit.

If I got sick enough to need $11,000 in benefits, it’d almost certainly be a serious enough illness to cause me to lose my job.

Meanwhile, with that insurance, mental health therapy was $50/session on top of those costs.

Compare that to not having health insurance: I can buy therapy for $35/session ($1820 for a year’s worth of weekly sessions) through BetterHelp.

We should all be suspicious of “personal finance” articles making an emotional pitch without any math.

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