I found that even physical therapy, a helping profession that changes lives through rehabilitation, is a bullshit job of filling out pointless patient documentation for 3–6 hours a day.

PTs are surrounded by other bullshit jobs, including insurance biller, front desk receptionist, office manager — and several layers of corporate executives who want to talk to you about your “productivity” or lack there of.

Even the patient interactions are usually meaningless, because the company earns more if you talk to your patients about sports and family instead of their condition. After all, if you educate them about prevention, they won’t be a repeat customer.

Most of the work of a PT is done by a shit job, an underpaid and untrained “tech” making $11/hour to do what a licensed physical therapist should be doing, if the PT weren’t working with 2–5x patients simultaneously while actually spending all of his or her time documenting.

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