I love this quote: “My goal is to publish two articles a day this month”

That’s a tremendous goal Itxy Lopez , and you seem to be doing great so far!

I would challenge you on the importance of sleep, though.

I’ve written about it before:

“The Art of Waking Up Later Than Everyone Else” by Dr. Derek Austin 🥳 https://link.medium.com/RekbbgTiE0

If I don’t get enough sleep, I trade a few days of improved productivity for a few weeks of ill health, often depression or respiratory infection.

For me, I can get away with less sleep, as long as I don’t have any expectations of feeling normal, let alone happy. But if I’m also doing any exercise, then it’s only a week or two until I get very sick and my body makes me waste days recovering and feeling miserable, instead of hours sleeping enough.

Definitely with the other gigs I’m working right now, I’ve had to move the goal posts and accept that sometimes I don’t meet my writing goals. (I also want to average two articles a day on Medium for October.) In fact, I took a weeklong vacation from writing, and it left me genuinely missing it and wanting to do more.

But I know 💯% I would not have felt that way if I had been sleep deprived during that whole time. I would have felt burnt out, and miserable, and wondering why I ever had told myself I enjoy writing. (I engage in emotional thinking sometimes, did you notice?)

So, you’re obviously a morning writer — could you create a sleep routine to be in bed by 11 and asleep by 11:30? That would be 8 hours. (I personally need a minimum of 9 hours nightly and usually feel best around 10 hours of sleep, at least if I’ve been exercising.)

Best of luck with your writing this month, and keep up the good work!

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