I love this quote: “Writing was a hobby”

The amazing benefits of giving yourself permission to identify as a writer

I relate so much to your story Dena Standley !!!

I have experienced so much success now that I comfortably identify as “blogger” (and sometimes as “writer”).

Unlike all the professions I’m a part of that required licensure and/or certification, all I needed to become a writer was permission from myself.

After all, I was editing my study hall teacher’s master’s thesis for fun my freshman year in high school at age 11! I’ve loved writing and editing for a very long time!

It’s funny how our egos (specifically in my case, a fear of being judged by others) can keep us to playing to our strengths in life!

I even chaired a “Writing Workgroup” for volunteer work but only thought of myself as “volunteer” and then as “volunteer chair” — when in reality I was writer extraordinaire!!

Thanks for boosting my confidence yet again with your inspiring story!!!

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