I’ll chime in to say that your piece is well-written, gives a clear solution, and works in the real world — where diversity is actually super useful.

“We” (employers) put too much emphasis on “qualifications” and “experience” for any type of job, especially in anything software engineering.

The reality is that in 2 minutes I can create a super cool website with a built-in Content Management System (CMS) using CodeSandbox + Stackbit.

That’s because the technology has moved on and is easier than ever.

Anyone with curiosity, intelligence, and diverse personal experience can go out and learn to create an in-browser Tetris game in 2 hours.

Image for post
Image for post
React Tetris: a 2-hour video tutorial by Thomas Weibenfalk

So why would I worry about someone being “unqualified” or lacking hard skills, when I can sign them up for 1000 hours of video content for $80/month & end up with a first-class software engineer in 3 months?

PS Congrats on getting featured Arielle! Nice title, subtitle, image & content! 🥳

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