I’m all about this article, and I’m moving from a mid-tier city (Richmond, VA) where I live alone on $1500/mo to Mexico in order to be able to live on <$1000/mo —including only $500/mo in rent.

But my question is how do you reconcile living in a not-walkable neighborhood with not having a car? As the price of walkability is going up in Richmond, but the benefits of walkability have declined with coronavirus, I’ve decided to move on.

And why do you choose to live in a big city where you need $30,000 ($2500/mo.) in after-tax income to live in the first place? In Richmond, you could save a third of your income (or half, pre-tax), compared to your Los Angeles budget. And Richmond’s climate is better than Portland.

Thanks again for the great article Rocco Pendola !

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