In that case my pro-tip for you would be to do exercises to 1) reduce forward head posture, 2) strengthen the upper back, 3) correct cervicothoracic [chest] breathing patterns, and 4) improve thoracic extension. Plus 5) fix ergonomics.

Briefly: 1) chin tucks, more chin tucks; 2) at home you could do band face pulls, band rows or inverted rows, band pull-aparts; 3) diaphragmatic breathing and dead bug with wall push ; 4) wall lift-offs, thoracic self-mobilization at wall, and maybe downward dog; 5) bring monitor up to eye level, bring keyboard closer, never reach over anything to use keyboard -- for a laptop you need to use an external keyboard and mouse with the laptop placed on about 12" of boxes or books.

🤓 The physical therapist who writes JavaScript 💪 Web Developer 😎 Mentor 🧠 DPT 😄 SEO Expert 😁 React 😆 Jamstack 💬 Ask me anything 👉 👈

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