Is there a need for new drugs?

Exercise is the most effective prescription, and untreated depression frequently resolves in less time than drugs take to kick in.

Fascinating quote: “[T]he drug may lower signs of depression in mice by targeting immune cells and tamping down on inflammation in the brain that may be interfering with important brain connections.”

Exercise for depression

SAM-e for depression

The length of untreated depression

“The more antidepressants perturb monoamine levels in the brain, the more the brain appears to push back, which increases the risk of relapse when the drug is discontinued. This positive relationship also strongly suggests that patients who get better without the use of antidepressants (i.e., when serotonin and norepinephrine levels are not perturbed) will have a lower risk of relapse. […] Antidepressants increase the brain’s susceptibility to future episodes of depression (Andrews et al., 2011) — Free full text available online at Pubmed

“The estimated 3-month risk of relapse for patients who had remitted while on placebo was only 21.4%, while the risk after antidepressant discontinuation generally increased with the monoaminergic perturbational effect of the class: 43.3% (SSRI), 47.7% (SNRI), 55.2% (TCA), 61.8% (fluoxetine), and 75.1% (MAOI).” — ibid

My story

Depression is the reward we get for being 'good’. —Marshall Rosenberg in NonViolent Communication (p. 49)

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