Medium writers can make $200K+ a year

But of course only 8% of active writers made over $100 on Medium in January, like Ayodeji Awosika and Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

Hey Ayodeji Awosika you are so right! I love you pointing out this fact and being active on the Medium community in general. Thanks!

The math for January is $23,488.16 (most earned by a single writer) * 12 = $281,857.92 annually:

Wow! That’s some income from the Medium Partner Program.

Let’s go for it!

PS Thanks for all you do Ayodeji — I’m really motivated and inspired today from your article:

Ayo, you don’t frequently write about ADHD from anything I’ve found, have you considered focusing your articles about adult ADHD?

A lot of your tips seem to focus on getting people to change their interest to better line-up with their own values and goals.

That seems to me really related to the idea of people with ADHD choosing Energy-based task management systems.

The idea of energy-based task management and using a “Genius” period in the day to do a series of small tasks for small dopamine rushes is covered in this really helpful free webinar that I watched today.

The replay is available free if you register on the website:

Hacking the Science of Your ADHD Brain: 5 Secrets to Productivity
Date: Wednesday, February 19, 2020
Time: 1pm-2pm U.S. Eastern Time
(12pm-1pm Central; 11am-12pm Mountain; 10am-11am Pacific)
Find it in your time zone >
Expert: Linda Walker, PCC

“In our go-go-go society, productivity tips abound. But your ADHD brain’s wiring means most experts’ advice won’t work for you. In this webinar, learn about the science that explains why you struggle — and unique strategies to improve your activation, motivation, and time management.” — webinar

(Not affiliate links, just something I enjoyed)

Here is another quote:

“ Routines are far more powerful than goals for Creative Geniuses. No matter what you wish to achieve, break what you need to do to into a series of identical daily activities. You’ll succeed every time. Aristotle said, ‘We are what we repeatedly do.’ As with rules, routines tap into the power of consistency.” Coach Linda Walker in her 3 Productivity Hacks for the ADHD Brain

Thought you might enjoy! Cheers!

Best regards,
Dr. Derek Austin 🥳

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