My biggest frustration with Single Page Apps

Ever try to comparison shop for products, but you can’t open the products in separate tabs because the website is poorly-coded?

Great article! I frequently experience problems with websites because I try to open a lot of tabs. For example, when shopping, I can easily open multiple Amazon pages in separate tabs, but this doesn’t work on all sites!

Then, I discover 10 minutes later that I haven’t opened a single product to compare because the site was designed as Single Page Application (SPA) and all the product links were just JavaScript links to “#”.

Do you think JAMstack is a good solution, since it’s easy to generate a static site with dynamic content and dynamic features? I feel that JAMstack sites are often set up more for how browsers are designed.

Of course, it’s possible to make a JAMstack site that’s a SPA, but I’d say more frequently JAMstack sites have separate (semi-)static pages for content.

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