Nice article!!!! Very good discussion of fixed vs growth mindset. I’m of the belief that that mindset is much more important than the small cognitive delay we get from 20 to 50.

My work as a physical therapist with people of all ages, by far the most important determinant of whether someone will get better with rehabilitation is whether they believe their condition is changeable.

And, as a rule, 90% of people 50 years old and older do not believe in their own changeability about anyting especially regarding a physical injury that they probably put off treatment for for 1 to 2 to 10 years.

So while I’m not of the opinion that you can imagine your reality into existence ala The Secret, the “I think I can” part of things is supremely important.

Unfortunately almost all of the research on growth or fixed mindset and regarding children, so we’ll probably never actually realize that everybody is being forced by society into a fixed mindset and avoiding losing face and avoiding being shamed and not looking bad under any circumstances.

All these things really get in the way of continuing to grow throughout the lifetime, whether we are talking physical or mental skills.

Thanks again for posting!

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