Thanks for the compliment! I've been looking forward to writing that one for a while, so I'm glad it's gone a little viral in the last few days.

It's like the Medium article I cited about how much that girl made on YouTube -- that article earned her $6,000 in one month. Then her YouTube video about it has generated a bunch of money too.

Ultimately it comes down to clickbait, for better or worse, and you wrote an excellent piece about it. I didn't realize that decently-fit women making ridiculous claims are getting literally billions of views on YouTube, though. I'm all about women weightlifting (men too), but "2 weeks abs" videos are going to get people to 1) not actually lift weights and 2) believe 50x reps is an effective rep range and 3) give up on fitness when they don't get quick results.

It's sort of like Mark Rippetoe's argument that everyone should just start by squatting, benching, and deadlifting, because the results are incredibly dramatic within a month. There's something to be said for that level of simplicity -- and there is no better advice for athletes in basically any sport -- but for bodybuilding / fitness those aren't necessarily going to be the best exercises.

As you pointed out in your anabolic exercise article, the "best" exercise for someone can definitely vary. One under-discussed myth in weight training should be balanced; instead it should focus on bringing up lagging muscle groups and lifts. That's something the "glute girls" get right.

Are you familiar with Christian Thibaudeau's neurotyping system? I'm a big fan. I'm a type 2b (muscle focused and can't tolerate heavy lifting because of its neurological demand), and I've been seeing great results recently by following my neurotype and only using weight machines right now with drop-sets and rest-pause. I'll add back in free weight lifting when I'm done with my tennis season.

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