That’s funny that we’re on the same wavelength! I just adopted some “school” back into my schedule specifically to improve my self-learning. I broke my day into 4x 90min “Blocks” with 30min reading / learning / study followed by 60min study. Plus plenty of breaks!

I also generally preferred when my courses were one at a time for a month with full days, and my least favorite was 8x 45min courses every day. I love the focus. The nice thing about not being in school is I’m not forced, and I can choose multiple topics around a specific goal for about a month.

Really, the blocks are 30min Learn / 60min Work. Writing’s one big priority now, but I also want to launch my own website soon. Having the syllabus and framework gives me the chance to really see the results.

🤓 The physical therapist who writes JavaScript 💪 Web Developer 😎 Mentor 🧠 DPT 😄 SEO Expert 😁 React 😆 Jamstack 💬 Ask me anything 👉 👈

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