This is a great article explaining the varied hormonal effects that make it hard for women to lose weight. I was also expecting a mention of the fact that women have lower caloric needs then men.

If we assume calories in = calories out, and 1 pound of fat = 3000 calories (both obviously false), we can see the difference clearly in losing 10 pounds (30,000 calories).

A man whose maintenance calories are 2,000/day could cut 33% to 1,340/day (660 calories/day deficit). A woman whose maintenance calories are 1,500/day could cut 33% to 1,005/day (495 calories/day deficit). The man would lose the 10 pounds in 45 days of dieting, while the woman would lose 10 pounds in 60 days of dieting.

Unfortunately, being on a diet longer than 2 weeks causes "adaptive thermogenesis" leading to "obesity rebound" (as described in the MATADOR study). In other words, the metabolism crashes, especially after 1 month of continuous dieting. The guy might get away with 45 days of dieting, losing 10 pounds, and regaining only 5 of those pounds. The woman is likely to gain back 10 or more pounds after 2 months of dieting.

That's on top of the issues you mention making weight manipulation more difficult for women. It's tough!

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