This is a powerful quote:

“But real change that makes impact in life happens by conscious choice.”

I’ve found this to be supremely true in my own life.

Despite always wanting to push myself out of my comfort zone, I have the same human tendency to stagnate as anyone else.

And when I make an unconscious choice (especially due to feeling stuck, or powerless), nothing changes — it’s like spinning my wheels in the mud.

It’s the same when I make a semiconscious choice (one someone I trust wants for me, that they believe in more than I do), nothing happens — and I’m left wondering why I seem to be getting worse at life.

But when I make a conscious choice, choosing how to spend my time and energy, I find myself passionate, happy, free, and rapidly improving at what I set my mind to.

This helps me be especially resilient around times of stress, because I can take a “choose to” attitude instead of a “have to” mindset. This little bit of emotional maturity means I can choose consciously to handle my stress in productive ways, instead of absently wondering why I feel like I’m living my life outside of my values.

Thanks for the article Thomas Oppong !!!

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