Toni this is a wonderful article! I’ve seen subtle similarities in hosting as an Airbnb host. I really think I just have a tendency to confuse individual differences with being a characteristic of a group of people. It’s embarrassing but is an easy, unconscious heuristic… that probably had survival value evolutionarily.

My solution to resisting judgment

I’ve found the more I practice forgiveness, especially emotional forgiveness, the more I can move away from judging others. So as a host, if I have a “bad” experience with someone, I won’t become more judgmental IF I forgive them. But for me it can’t be just “decisional forgiveness” (forgiving their actions), it actually had to be “emotional forgiveness” (replacing my negative emotions with compassion, empathy, and understanding). Then I become a lot less judgmental, since I start imagining my experiences in foreign places and cultures.

Here’s an article on the two types of forgiveness and why the “injustice gap” matters —

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