What do you think of the idea that human relationships are only meant (hormonally / evolutionarily) to last 3–5 years, which is long enough to raise a child out of infancy?

It’s surprisingly hard to find research on relationship structures in hunter-gatherer cultures, though one tribe I’ve read about has a structure where every man who has sex with a pregnant woman becomes that child’s father.

As far as I could tell, they have nothing resembling the type of weird-monogamy that we’ve had in the Western world for a few hundred or few thousand years depending on how you want to count it.

Generally, though, it seems like marriage = dowry = agriculture, not something that happened 100,000 years ago when humans evolved.

Which is to ignore how much rape probably happened historically… so I can’t really bemoan modern monogamy too much! Source:

Also your granddad was a sponge, so was mine. Is that a good pick-up line, let me know. Ahem 😆

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