Wow I am so glad I’m not a .NET developer 🤣

Thank you for sharing this great story. You do a great job illustrating how unopinionated tools often create more work for everyone, such as how you ended up with Redux-saga.

One of my favorite tools of all time is Prettier, and it’s so opionated that you can’t turn off an empty new line at the end of files, which breaks Salesforce integration. The Prettier developers basically said, “Too bad.”

As you mention, learning third party libraries is a huge time sink, not to mention the research needed and the decision fatigue from so many choices. Psychology research clearly shows that there’s a paradox of choice, where more choices leave us less happy and less confident in our decisions.

I think your story about React illustrates that when there are too many choices, it actually ruins things for everyone. (Tinder, anyone?) That said, I still love React, and I also think it’s great that you might consider Vue for the next enterprise project.

And, for what it’s worth, Redux has hooks now too. 😅

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