You bet! As someone who was always entrepreneurial until taking my first full-time job about 6 years ago, the effects the regular salary have on people have been a shock, even though I've been working professionally for over 15 years now.

If you haven't already, you should try to start a successful side hustle and then talk to your coworkers about it! Why? For the blank stares and complete lack-of-understanding. In my case, I was cleaning my Airbnb every weekend and 1-2 weekdays every week on top of 45+ hours of clinical care (typically 50 hours in the office)... and we only got about 8 days off a year at that full-time job.

I quickly realized that in working towards my goals (a house that pays for itself via Airbnb, and getting over 500 reviews as an Airbnb SuperHost while doing so) that I simply didn't share a lot of values with my typical "salary & weekend" coworkers.

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